Quote Terms & Conditions

Local Irrigation Terms & Conditions for Services

1. Repair
Services provided will adhere strictly to the approved quote. Any additional issues identified during service will be documented and require an approved addendum to address.

2. Warranty
Warranty coverage is limited to the parts specifically repaired. Problems in areas not serviced under this contract are not covered and will require a separate diagnostic fee. No repairs are implied during the diagnostic service.

3. Water Pressure and Reclaimed Water
Water pressure for reclaimed water systems is not guaranteed, as pressure variations are controlled by the county and may affect system performance. Our role as irrigation contractors does not include control over these pressures, and adjustments or troubleshooting may incur additional charges.

4. Controller Settings
Controller settings are optimized and recorded at the time of service, with details provided to the homeowner. If access to configure the controller is not provided, any issues resulting from improper timing or frequency will not be covered under warranty. Any changes or misconfigurations after our service are not covered under warranty. Adjustments or corrections post-service will incur standard service call fees.

5. Homeowner Responsibility
If cables, electrical lines, telecommunications, or lighting cables are damaged during trenching or digging for irrigation installations or repairs, the responsibility for repairs falls on the homeowner.

6. Quote Validity
This quote is valid for the next 30 days, after which values may be subject to change. Please review and confirm acceptance promptly to ensure the quoted rates.

7. Job Scheduling
Job scheduling is on a first-come, first-serve basis. We prioritize client scheduling based on the time of acceptance of a quote. Early acceptance ensures your slot is secured according to your preferred schedule.

These terms are designed to ensure clear communication and understanding between Local Irrigation and our clients, promoting a smooth and efficient service experience.