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For Homeowners with Existing Systems: LawnVantage Package

Service Overview
Is your lawn falling short of your expectations? Local Irrigation will optimize your existing system with the goal of enhancing the curb appeal of your home.

**Our Offering Includes:

1. Water Conservation Optimization: Maximize your lawn’s potential with our optimization services, while focusing on reduction of water usage.

2. System Upgrades: Get custom recommendations for improvements specific to your lawn’s needs or your goals.

3. Routine Maintenance: Extend your system’s life with our cleaning and, if necessary, filter replacement services.

4. Spray Zone Optimization: Making sure your lawn gets the water it needs with our spray zone fine-tuning.

New Customer Special: $249.99 now only $209.99!

***For homes with sprinkler systems with up to 5 zones.

Choose The LawnVantage Package today and step into a world where lawns don’t just grow; they flourish.

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